World Wide Travel

We are now able to provide the same great level of service in 250 markets across the World. 
  • Use our new app to book instantly 
  • Real-time pricing on virtually any route in any of the 250 markets.
  • Single bill and single phone number to call  
  • Driver Connect line to help you locate your driver 
  • Availability of cars on as little as 2-3 hours’ notice  
  • Consistent service in all 250 markets 
  • And much, much more 
  • Every ride is watched closely by our staff through GPS tracking of the vehicle and status updates directly from the driver via a mobile app. 
1) Who are the drivers that will be picking me up? Are they your employees? 
We are part of a standardized network of like-minded operators. Every driver has agreed to meet a universal set of high standards regarding the ride quality. We can see and manage your entire ride experience with us no matter what market it is, but the network’s broader performance is closely monitored by professional operations managers, who are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality possible. 
2) How will I find my driver when I land? 
If this is an airport pickup, your driver will be in the designated limousine pickup spot for that airport with a sign displaying your last name. If it’s a street address, he’ll be right outside or circling the location. If you can’t see the driver, you can call  646-616-3401 to reach your driver. If for any reason the driver isn’t answering, a call center we have partnered with will answer the call and help you locate the driver. And of course, you can always call us and we’ll help out. 
3) Will the car or sign have your brand name on it? 
If it’s an airport pickup, the sign will have your last name on it. And keep in mind, if for any reason you cannot locate your driver, you can call 646-616-3401 and get connected right away. 
4) Who do I call if something goes wrong with the ride? 
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will act as your point of contact. You can call us and we’ll solve the problem ASAP. 
5) Who will be charging me for this ride? 
This ride will be booked with us, so we’ll charge you as we normally do. 
6) How do I know the driver will actually show up? 
Our network of partners is the industry’s first and only standardized, quality-rated network. The on-time percentage is in the high 90's, and the customer satisfaction scores are through the roof! But just in case, we will be monitoring the ride via GPS and driver status updates. And of course, we have the driver’s phone number as well. 
7) I really like your drivers, how do I know your drivers in other cities are any good? 
The standards to join our network are extremely strict, and are exceeded only by the standards required to stay in the network. The ride quality data and customer satisfaction scores are tracked very closely, and if anything is amiss, we’ll ask the operator to leave the network. 
8) What type of ride quality data is used to manage your network? 
The network was built on two primary tenets – cars need to show up on time, and customers need to be satisfied with the entire in-car experience, including the driver and the vehicle. Our network tracks the on-time percentage every hour, day, week, month, and year, and customer surveys are collected on certain rides to measure the Net Promoter Score. Of course, other metrics are tracked as well – things such as how well the drivers are using the in-car technology, and how frequently they answer the phone – but primarily, we’re interested in on-time service and happy customers. And of course, we give feedback to the network based on what you tell us, so please make sure to let us know how we performed! 
9) Who are the call center agents that I sometimes reach when I try to reach my driver?
Our network uses a third-party call center service to manage certain interactions between customers and drivers. They are simply there to help you with any ride-specific issues in the event that you’d like to use them, but you can always call us as well.